Ali FAIQ & Amarg Experience

About Ali FAIQ

ali_faiq_african_music_rwaissAli Faiq is a Moroccan singer and composer, who began his career in 1988. He grew up in the semi-urban environment in Dcheira, a suburb of Agadir, where he first discovered the power and diversity of music through his parents, who introduced him to traditional Soussi music. Every day as a child, Ali memorized the poetry and melodies passed on to him by his mother. At school, his classmates had different accents and different social and geographical backgrounds. This diversity opened Ali’s eyes to the cultural richness of Moroccan society, which is celebrated in his music. In 2002, Ali co-founded the band Amarg Fusion, through which he realised his and his friend’s dream of fusing reggae and funk with authentic Berber traditional melodies. The band received critical acclaim across Morocco, and performed various concerts in Europe for nearly a decade.

Ali believes that music is a bridge promoting peace and cross-cultural understanding between nations. In 2012, he took part in the Enono Anya artist residency in New Caledonia, an island in the Pacific Ocean, which gave birth to a marriage between Berber and Kanak music. Faiq is also involved in the development of the Moroccan culture scene. He initiated the Artigmmi (“House of Arts”) artist residency in his hometown of Ait Milk, where he meets regularly with local and international artists to collaborate on innovative research, rehearsals and home concerts. Faiq prolonged his musical journey by creating Amarg Experience, a music band on the frontline of reviving and innovating the undiscovered musical heritage of southern Morocco on the world stage.

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