Ali FAIQ & Amarg Experience

Amarg Experience

ali faiq nd amarg expereince

Ali Faiq and amarg experience

Amarg Experience is a fusion of Faiq’s expansive musical inspirations, facilitating opportunities for collaboration with local, national and international artists. This band delves deeper into reviving the Rwayes tradition, a musical style that constitutes one of the most outstanding traditions of poetry and music in the south of Morocco. Classical Rwayes music is characterized by its authenticity, and it remains largely unaddressed in contemporary music.

Amarg Experience highlights a unique musical repertoire dating back to the 1920s and even earlier, that has since been brought to life by pioneers such as Aboush Tamassit, Mohamed Soussi, and Boujmaa and various other artists. Amarg Experience presents a new format that preserves and pays tribute to the Africa cultural heritage. It is also a bridge between generations and myriad musical genres. However, the philosophy of Amarg Experience is not to merely reproduce traditional music, but rather to create a contemporary style that interlace both old and modern sounds.

Faiq’s music has been in conversation with Reways kingpins such as Lhoucine Chenna, Jamaa Amrani, and Idder Achtouk…etc. Ali also collaborates, since Amarg Fusion, with Abderrahim Moustaine and Boaaddi Rehal. In 2011 Marouane Arabe, a young talented drummer, joined Ali Faiq. Amarg Experience gathers different generations and musical styles. It is a reconciliation and a reconstruction fusing traditional and contemporary, rural and urban to create a cosmopolitan music world.

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