Ali FAIQ & Amarg Experience

Rais Jamaa AMRANI

Jamaa Amrani was born in Taddart, a coastal village north of Agadir known for its role in the Reways tradition. His passion for music dates back to his childhood when he learned to play the lotar traditional berber instrument. Jamaa’s has been playing music professionally for more than 40 years, learning from the pioneers of Reways music. He is considered a living oral archive for a number of traditional songs.

 Jamaa was among the participants in the “Anthology of Rwayes” project initiated by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Maison des Cultures Du Monde. Initiated in 1991, “Anthology of Rwayes” aims to archive the musical heritage of Rwayes. Jamaa is an expert instrumentalist of lotar and tasswisit (traditional Amazigh instruments). His involvement in Amarg Experience with Ali Faiq started in 2013 during the production of Tirra S’ikwlan.

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